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When it comes to choosing a real estate agent to sell your home, it can be a bit overwhelming. With thousands of agents to choose from in the Mississauga area alone, selecting the right agent can make the process easy and stress-free. Even though it can be hard to pick from all the different agents, it gives you options and the opportunity to find the one that you feel most comfortable with. Different agents will have different skills and value propositions. Here are 4 things to keep in mind when looking for a real estate agent.

1. Referrals & Reviews

Don’t be shy to ask your family and friends about a real estate agent and their experiences with them. You can also always research online and (read testimonials) from their previous clients. Another great resource is (Rate-My-Agent), there you will find the highest rated agents in your area, with more reviews and testimonials. Nowadays, you can learn more about a potential agent through a Google search than you would from an in-person meeting.

2. Ask Questions

You should always meet with any potential agent to talk over their experience and their plan to selling your home. Many will even have (contact forms) right on their site to make this step even easier. This step will allow you to ask some hard questions directly to the agent. This will enable you to narrow your list down, learn about their experience in the neighborhood, their skills, and their strategy. Always ask as many questions as you might need in order to feel comfortable with them.

3. Look For A Certified Realtor.

It is important to look for agents with the title Realtors. Many claim to be real estate agents, but only those with the Realtor title belong to the top performing agents. Realtors must pass certain annual tests and abide by a strict code of ethics to keep their title. Also, ask them for any awards or achievements they might have received. If they have spent any time at a real estate company such as RE/MAX they may have received some awards like the Hall of Fame, Platinum Club or Service Excellence Awards.

4. Your Thoughts and Feelings

And lastly, always consider your own intuition and gut feeling about an agent. Do they make you feel comfortable? Do you like being around them? Do you get along well? Do you get a negative vibe from them? You will be spending a lot of time talking and working with your agent, so it is crucial that you get along with the person before you select them as your real estate agent.

GUEST POST: From Tribewire


By Toronto Real Estate Board

This past fall, TREB’s Young Professionals Network committee hosted a session on busting some commonly held myths about the GTA Housing Market. TREB’s Director of Market Analysis and Service Channels, Jason Mercer, led the session and we caught up with him to see whether anything had changed since September. Read on to separate the fact from the fiction.

TREBWire: Is the Toronto housing market overvalued?

Mercer: When assessing whether or not the Toronto housing market is overvalued, three factors must be taken into consideration: affordability, local economic conditions and broader economic conditions.

Affordability is a crucial consideration and does not just concern price. The majority of buyers purchase their home with financing from a mortgage, so affordability must also take into consideration whether home buyers can handle their monthly mortgage payments. While the share of average income dedicated to mortgage principal and interest, property taxes and utilities has increased recently, that share associated with the purchase of an average priced home has remained below the federal government’s mandated ceiling of 39 per cent (for government-backed mortgages).

When considering local economic conditions, the key variable would be employment. Buyers need an income to qualify for a mortgage and to afford their monthly expenses. In that regard, job losses or the prospect of job losses would impact the number of sales negatively, while job creation could cause a surge in sales. Local economic conditions improved through much of 2015, with the unemployment rate trending lower.

In terms of the broader economic climate, while the decline in oil prices has affected our economy, other sectors are benefiting from trends such as the declining dollar. Further, the GTA economy is very diverse and offers jobs and opportunities for a broad variety of individuals and skill sets. This helps to offset negative economic impacts.

T: Do homes regularly sell over asking?

M: While some media reports have painted a narrative of homes regularly selling for a substantial amount over the asking price, the statistics present a much different story. For instance, the Average Sale Price-to-List Price ratio for the TREB market area in 2015 was 100 per cent. This suggests that, on average, sellers in today’s market place are realizing their asking price.

T: Are condo apartments overbuilt in Toronto?

M: This narrative is a case of one eye-catching statistic being used to characterize an entire market or a segment of a market. While there are a lot of condos under construction across the GTA, not all of these will be completed at once. We have seen record or near-record completions over the last three years, yet listings, sales and price statistics suggest a balanced market with above-inflation increases in the average condo selling price and MLS® HPI benchmark for apartments.

Plus, ownership and rental demand from young people, newcomers and downsizers has supported the development of condo apartments, and we should continue to see this demand into the future.

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